Kayla's interest in photography began as a child and grew with travels to India and China. "Everywhere I went, everyone I saw, I wanted to capture...but not just what they were, who they were - behind their eyes; the emotion, the feelings, the beauty."


Kayla worked at the Famly Vacation Center @ UCSB from 2007-2009. "I grew the most working at the FVC because of the constant experience, the amazing subjects, and the study of light."


Kayla was awarded first place in photography from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association's 2009 Collegiate Newspaper Contest. That same year she traveled to South Africa and worked as a photography intern for The Big Issue magazine in Cape Town. "I loved to visit the townships and photograph the children. They lived among devastation and yet they had spirits of joy that captured me."


In 2010, Kayla was awarded photojournalist of the year at Southern Oregon Univesity and also graduated with her photojournalism degree.


"I love people photography. I love children because they are a challenge and yet at the same time they have a freedom that you can't explain. I love shooting weddings because of how incredibly special and detailed each one is. Whether it's a family shoot, a newborn baby, a wedding couple, I consider it an honor...because each soul is unique."

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